The great story of Mingara

From humble beginnings, we’re still here making life great!


A timeline of our history








19 locals gathered in the lounge room of Clive and Shirley Hadley at Berkeley Vale. The meeting, chaired by Shirley, identified the need for a local community club.


The allocation of Crown Land to build a club house was granted. In July, it was agreed to call the Club “Mingara” - the good spirit that controls the clouds.


Now with 200 members, the Crown Land allocation at Adelaide St Tumbi Umbi was confirmed. Major clearing was needed and members were only too happy to help


After a lot of hard graft and the purchase of 2 old army huts, the first club house was officially opened. A $30,000 loan was secured to renovate the old huts.


By now, the club was in full swing with the ingenious and infamous ‘keg book’ keeping track of members’ drinks. All while $62,000 was raised for new bowling greens.


In July, Mingara’s liquor licence was approved. The beer and wine began to flow and the first ‘pokies’ appeared. The Club’s weekly takings increased from $3k to $22k!


With rapidly growing popularity, the need for a new larger club was evident and, after many attempts, a $500,000 loan was secured to build a new 1600m2 club.


In April, the 1st stage of the new Club was opened. Popularity soared as takings increased from $48k to $205K/month! Mingara was truly cemented in the local community


In October, Governor General, Sir Zelman Cowen opened the finished Adelaide St club. He congratulated Mingara on "a remarkable achievement within the space of very few years."


Looking ahead to the future and backed by continual growth, Mingara purchased land on Wyong Rd at Tumbi Umbi. Meanwhile, the annual turnover of the Club was $6.7 million and had 45 team members.


Despite the purchase of the Wyong Rd site, a further $900K was injected into the Adelaide St club with new function spaces and a gaming lounge.


8 years after the Wyong Rd land purchase, soil was turned, construction started and excitement built about the scale of the new club


On 28 October, the Wyong Rd club began to trade. Huge crowds gathered with great excitement as club’s doors opened for the first time. The new club boasted a spectacular and cutting edge resort-style interior, soon becoming a Central Coast icon.


Alongside the Club, the new leisure centre with 50m and hydrotherapy pools, rapid river ride and gym facility became the start of a leisure and health hub on the Central Coast.


Continuing the strong commitment to leisure facilities for the Coast, the Club started construction of a new Regional Athletics Centre. The state-of-the-art centre opened in November.


After a major $15 million facelift, Mingara unveiled not only a new interior, but a new logo and positioning statement of ‘Life’s Great,’ which continued the Club’s growth through to 2019.


In 2005, The Westport Club, Port Macquarie was identified as an important local club with deep roots in the local community - a club sharing Mingara’s values. An amalgamation was successful and the Mingara family grew.


In 2007, more renovations took place at Mingara with the opening of Indigo - Eats, Treats & Bar, Ming Dragon and Fortune Cookie Noodle Bar offering 3 new dining choices for members.


In October 2008, construction of a new fitness facility, Mingara One, was completed. The centre provides Central Coast locals with some of the finest facilities in the Country.


Following the success of the amalgamation with The Westport Club. Mingara was able to breathe new life into Roselands Bowling Club and Punchbowl Ex-Services.


After amalgamation with Roselands and Punchbowl, a decision was made to transfer the Punchbowl members to Roselands due to a very aged club house.


As diversification steamed ahead, Mingara realised it needed a support system for its venues. Mingara Leisure Group was born and helps to support all destinations.


The $15 million project for the construction of Lantern Club began in October. The new club was a long awaited shining light for Punchbowl and Roselands members.


In 2012, another club was added to the Mingara family. The Gordon Rugby Club became Pearl Club Chatswood providing an intimate boutique style club for Chatswood locals.


Lantern Club excitedly welcomed in members and guests as it threw open its brand new doors in November. The state-of-the-art club was an instant hit.


Spreading its wings even further, Springwood Sports Club on The Blue Mountains underwent amalgamation with Mingara. The club has been a stable in the local community since the 1930s.


The Westport Club undertook a $13 million renovation which was completed in early 2017. The club created Jimmy’s Bar & Lounge, Hastings Coffee Co. and a revamped Aqua restaurant.


Although only 8 years old, Springwood Sports Club needed some finishing touches and received a $1 million refresh to allow for new, larger events spaces as well as a brand new Players’ Lounge.


It was now Mingara’s turn to receive a much needed renovation. The building which was over 20 years old embarked on the start of a vast refurbishment program, which has started to completely transform the Club.


In September, Mingara Leisure Group was officially successful in its application to amalgamate with The Greens, The Entrance. Mingara’s vision, community focus and expertise will help this small club remain part of its local community.


On 6 March, 2020, an electrical fire ripped through The Greens, The Entrance. Extensive damage of the club occurred, forcing its closure. A rebuild program is currently underway.


26 March, our entire industry and all Mingara Leisure Group Clubs were forced to close their doors due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. After several months of shutdown, our clubs were allowed to reopen in June.

Mingara is more than just a club, it is a monument to a group of ordinary but dedicated people who strived for and reached a goal to benefit their community.

Back in the 1970s, the Central Coast was a relaxed holiday haven with limited recreation and sporting facilities for the local community. Berkeley Vale, Tumbi Umbi and surrounding areas were under-developed and the community was crying out for places to socialise.

A visionary group of neighbours came together and formed a working party to identify community need and the types of facilities that would benefit the area…

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