Board & Executive – Mingara Leisure Group

Board of Directors

Mingara Recreation Club is the foundation of a larger group called Mingara Leisure Group.

The operation and strategic direction of the clubs within the Mingara Leisure Group family is overseen by its Board of Directors and Executive Management.

Phil Walker

Board of Directors

Kate Herron
Russell Johnston
Chris King
Debbie Montgomery
Ian Robilliard, OAM

Chief Executive Officer
Paul Barnett

Executive Management

Chief Operating Officer
Grant Gladman
Chief Financial Officer
Lisa Evans
Chief Property Officer
Andy Yelds

Board charter

The operations and activities of Mingara Leisure Group are managed under the direction of our Board of Directors, in the best interests of our members as a whole. The Board is responsible for the business and affairs of MLG, except for matters reserved for members in general meeting. They are also responsible to the members for the direction and performance of all clubs within the MLG group.

The Board is governed by all applicable law, the Club Constitution and also the Club Code of Practice and Best Practice Guidelines as published by ClubsNSW. The purpose of this Charter is to provide the framework for the MLG Board to deliver best practice standards of corporate governance in the execution of the responsibilities reserved for the Board.

To view the Board Charter, please click here


Our Constitution is a contract between our club and our members. This document is the governing rules by which the club must operate. It provides the club with specific powers and limitations to ensure both the interest of our members is protected, and the longevity of the club is secure. Any amendments to our Constitution must be voted on by our members at a General Meeting.

To view our Constitution, please click here

Our Vision

To make a significant contribution to the quality of community life.

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